Classifieds submission is one of the effective result-oriented SEO strategies. It allows you to submit online ads in respective submission sites. But for the process, the site needs to be of good quality with clear instructions. Moreover, the classified posting in the field of digital marketing will improve visibility in the search engine results. And will also improve the brand presence of your business. Free Classifieds in India is one of the best assets that acts as an efficient digital marketing tool. As the name suggests, they are absolutely free. Moreover, the results are truly productive as soon as they go live over online platforms.

When you post free classifieds in India, you get in touch with the sellers or buyers within a short span. Classified submission is one of the best digital marketing activities. It can be used adequately for buying or selling mobile phones, cars, property, laptops, real estate, electronics, and others. In addition to that, this is one of the easiest ways to get the keyword ranking up and get a top position over the search engines. With it, the traffic count on your website will grow within a couple of days of you posting the classifieds.

In this article, you will know about the detailed aspects of classified submissions in the field of digital marketing. In addition to that, it will help you gain more traffic to your business website.

Importance of Classified Submission in SEO

Classified submission in SEO is an important aspect that helps the users build backlinks for the website to improve the ranking over search engines. Not only, but also there are many sites that offer classified submissions that improve the brand image and add additional benefits to it as well. It is a simple process that makes the world aware of your new business and the services that you have to offer. Moreover, it is an off-page SEO process that spreads business awareness along with promotion aspects both nationally and locally.

Best way to promote your local business

It is quite important for your website because, with these ad post submissions, the business persons, clients, buyers, and suppliers will come to visit your website and avail your service offerings. The classified submissions in SEO are not only for increasing website traffic as well as. But it also boosts the marketing strategy of your business. With the ads posts having the link to your business website, the customers will more likely find it easy to get in touch with your website.

In addition to that, the best thing about classified ad submission is that you get it all for free. There are many free sites available for posting that would not take a penny from you but give you productive benefits on a large scale. 

Best sites for classified submission in SEO

Though there are many sites for the impactful classified submissions in SEO, some sites are having high demands for the purpose. There are over 1200 classifieds sites in the list of the year 2020 for the advertisement submissions. But, to help keep you out from the hassle of choosing the best, here is the list of top free classified sites in India.

Top 10 Free Classifieds Sites in India

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Top 10 Free Indian Classifieds sites with Dofollow Backlinks

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These are some of the top sites for classified submission in SEO. There are many more countless sites that you can refer to. But these are the top sites that you can avail to get the maximum benefits. The ranking factor for all the links mentioned above is quite appreciating, and they also possess good Alexa Rank, Domain Authority (DA), and Page Authority (PA) scores.

Benefits of Posting Classifieds Submissions

Classified submissions are simple procedures for posting the ads of your business on digital platforms.  After all, this helps to bring in maximum sales and service demands. With it, the interest of audience multiplies, and brand impressions improve progressively. Here are some of the benefits of classified ad posting for your businesses in brief:

  • Instant Leads and Sales

Are you a start-up or small business owner? Who doesn’t have much amount to invest in Digital Marketing? Then classifieds submission is the best affordable option in SEO to boost your sales. This activity can bring you lots of leads as well as that can boost your sales. Classifieds posting is a very affordable advertisement as on date, Almost sites are offering classifieds posting free of cost. So never forget to focus on this SEO activity in 2020.

  • Digital Brand Promotion

There are over thousands of visitors online looking for ideal services to meet their requirements. Therefore, using classified SEO posting is one of the best benefits of online classifieds to ensure better visibility. For promoting the websites, products, or services, the businesses must use these measures to target the audience and bring your brand to their notice.

  • Organic Web Traffic

With classified submission over periodic intervals, you will get more visitors to your website. Out of these visitors, you will get some of them as potential leads. With more count of leads, the conversion rates for your business will also increase to help you generate better revenue. With high organic traffic, you will eventually experience high-end profits for your business.

  • Easy way to Advertisement

There is no wait or delay in posting the ads over classified websites. Other advertising measures might take up months to give you progressive results. But in the case of classified posting, the results are seen within minutes. The maximum effort that you have to put is to give out the necessary information about the services and products in the advertisement. After which you can submit it over the top classified websites.

Is classified submission still useful in 2020?

The classified submissions are one of the evergreen SEO activity strategies that will always remain productive despite the time and year. The classified submission site counts have doubled this year in 2020. And many top websites are focusing on giving you more and more sales and traffic with improved search engine ranking for your website. The classified activity in SEO is thus an ever-lasting progressive approach to help the website get optimized with complete ranking aspects to help the business thrive.

How to get backlinks from classifieds sites?

Follow this step to get the backlinks from the classified website:

  • Firstly, choose that classifieds site which is providing backlinks.
  • Then check the quality of that Ads posting site, like DA, PA, Crawling, etc.
  • Most important, don’t forget to place your website on the Publish page.
  • After successfully published your classified, Then you will get live URL of your listing.
  • The last step is to share your listing’s live URL on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • If you want to make your listing URL crawl and index on Google, then you have to do some Social Book Marking as well.

How to submit classified ads on the ClassiKam site?

Here are the steps that you need to follow for posting free classifieds on site:

  1. Firstly, select the ‘Post Ad’ option on the top of the website landing page. After that, you will be asked to log-in or sign-up to an account with your credentials. 
  2. Secondly, after logging in or signing up, you will be redirected to the new page where you can enter your product and business information. 
  3. Thirdly, soon after that, you can enter the advertisement details for your business or products to post them over classified submissions. 
  4. Fourthly, after that, the website will automatically promote your brand or product and direct traffic to your business website to help you make more sales.
  5. The final step, Share your live listing on social media to popular your advertisement.  

In conclusion, these are a few of the things that you need to know if you are planning on investing your time and efforts on digital marketing measures. It is essential to promote not only your brand business also. There are many advantages of classified websites that will help direct organic traffic to your websites also. It will also help it rank higher as well as and achieve more sales from the targeted audiences in India.

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